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The Five W's and One H of Journalism:

Who:  Terrestrial and internet-only (online) radio stations located in high schools around the United States are participating in this event.  The students and advisors who work at those stations are the stars of the day.

What:  A day dedicated to high school radio stations where students and advisors can celebrate the uniqueness of their program and make their community, their state, the whole country aware of what they do and how they do it.

Where:  Events are being planned for all participating stations as a whole as well as events planned by each individual participating station in their own community.

When:  The 6th Annual High School Radio Day will be Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  The inaugural High School Radio day was May 16, 2012. May was selected at that time because of the historical aspect attached to it.  The first high school radio station in the U.S., WNAS, signed on in May, 1949 in New Albany, Indiana.  

Why:  Any radio station in a high school should celebrate it's existence because there are so few of them nationwide.  In Michigan, 1% of the high schools in the state have a radio station.  And that number is dropping.  Any station still on the air is sometimes considered a "survivor" when other stations have gone dark due to school district budget cuts.  Generally, only 1-5% of the students who attend a high school actually work on the radio station.  Students and advisors are uniting as one on one day a year because it needs to happen.  The plan is to develop a nationwide high school radio network for year-round activity.

How:  How do we let the public know about HSRD?  Three words:  Promote, Promote, Promote!  Press releases need to be sent to local media; Post it on the station and school's website, the station and school's Facebook; Posters in the hallways; PA announcements; A remote broadcast from the hallway; Tweet it on Twitter; Interviews with station alumni; Recorded messages from listeners about why they listen and how high school stations serve their community.  Be creative...and tell us "how" other stations can do what you're doing.

Send us your plans for HSRD to pete@highschoolradioday.com.  

Ann Marie's All-Stars feature on Pete Bowers, HSRD Founder: Link
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Link for John Drury High School Radio Awards:  www.wonc.org/drury.htm

 Bloomfield Hills Andover Class of 2012 grad Justin Lopas teamed with Pete Bowers to create the website for High School Radio Day.  Justin was the Operations Manager of WBFH, the top student leadership position at the station.  HSRD website is the nucleus for the "day" and Justin is the driving force behind it.  Justin shown here at his favorite remote broadcast:  The Woodward Dream Cruise held in Detroit every August where a million people watch 40,000 cars drive up and down Woodward Avenue (Justin is a car guy!)

WBFH Station Manager Pete Bowers (on the right) is the creator of High School Radio Day.  In November 2011, Bowers received the Best Advisor Award at the John Drury High School Radio Awards national competition at the ceremony held at North Central College in Naperville IL (award presented by WONC General Manager John Madormo on the left).  Bowers is the only advisor in the nation to win that award a second time, the first being in 2005. Bowers website: www.petebowers.com.
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