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What some stations have done on High School Radio Day in previous years!

 Teen Day Broadcasting's Promotion with yogurt place in Santa Monica (2015):  Link

Recap of activities on High School Radio Day 2014!

WKCS and Retro Radio; WKCS; WCYTWCYT.
KEOM photo album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152019433351615.1073741850.142052711614&type=3

We ran 10 hours of specially compiled programming that included everything from our re-recording of War of the Worlds from the original script for the 70th anniversary of the broadcast, to interviews done during our band's trip to China prior to the 2008 Olympics, music shows, clips of sports coverage and replayed live interviews from the road of our annual 8th grade trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia which overlapped with HSRD this year. The 10 hours were repeated once so we were on the air for 20 hours, with a short clip interspersed throughout each hour letting people know that it was High School Radio Day and that we were one of only approximately 200 high school stations nationwide.

A local reporter contacted me after seeing a tweet promoting our involvement with HSRD and came to interview me and my students about the station afterwards. 

Here's a link to the article - http://www.derrynews.com/education/x2117393002/Londonderry-High-students-are-on-the-air

This is the first year that we were in school since the other two years HSRD has fallen during our April vacation but our break was later than usual this year. 

Thanks for your work on this. Enjoy your summer too,
Karen L.S. Robinson, TV Production and Radio Broadcasting
WLLO-LP/LEO-103 General Manager
Londonderry High School
295 Mammoth Rd.
Londonderry, NH 03053

ok here's some things we did just off the top of my head, but I'll email more later when I'm home with the official schedule:

•live broadcast during school hours, done in shifts, including remote dj'ing on vinyl from the school's front lawn area during lunchtime

•games/activities at lunch, including:
-a guess the song ("shazam") competition where songs would be played for very short periods of time and contestants would buzz in as soon as they recognized the song
-our airlift variety show/talk show hosts doing sketches and audience involvement mini-shows, live
-"best late night radio voice" competition, where contestants spoke into a microphone to see who had the best stereotypical late night jazz DJ voice.
-ticket giveaway to a local concert

•our show lineup for afterschool that day featured a "young'ins" show for people who have recently signed up for airlift and an "airlift 101" highlights show of our best shows since our inception, including clips from our first show ever and our personal favorite moments. 

•surprise guest DJ appearance by a popular social studies teacher

that's a good summary I think. most of that was advertised through cross-promotion with our battle of the bands event and in school ads, rather than online, to reach a broader audience (our high school has about 3500 kids and only 200 or so follow us on social media, so only advertising online would just reach our core group who would go to the event anyways). 

-Matt Sater 

That full week of activities.

Brand new WBSD shirts worn by students.
Bumper stickers handed out.
Email noticed to all staff who congratulated all our WBSD Staff on National high School Radio Day on their emails and Facebook.
Featured student shows hosted by our DJs during the week such as Women In Rock, Something Old Something New, and Fridays, and Kellen's Collections and Selections!
Telephone interview with Suenalo, a Miami horn/funkadelic group.
That Saturday, Coffee House on Chestnut and Pine concert with National Recording Artist Joshua James!

and.....this email is from that week too......

WBSD 89.1 FM Burlington, WI has just added another National High School Radio Day event.  We will be broadcasting recording artist Connor Garvey from Maine live on air at 9:00 p.m. CT Wednesday night around the world on <wbsdfm.com>.  WBSD will be interviewing Connor on our Wednesday New Release Show, and he will be playing a song for us while he is performing live in front of an audience....announcing High School Radio Day to the world!!!!!!

Catch us live with Connor Garvey at 9:00 p.m. Central Time at <wbsdfm.com>.

Also WBSD was mentioned on KSLU New Orleans show Rock School by Professor Joe Burn.
Coolest T-shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts ever!!!!!


P.S. -- We are so excited we just got a WBSD personalized Artist ID from Dolly Parton!!!!!!!!!  Oh, yeah......listen to WBSD 24/7 all summer long at <wbsdfm.com>.

Thomas Gilding
General Manager
Great Rock, Real Variety
Listen anywhere, anytime at www.wbsdfm.com

Well, our station was looking to communicate with other high school stations, but that never happened. Yet we were prepared, just in case with our skype account. On that day we celebrated. We did a live broadcast completely based around the day, the activities, and on how it feels to be one of the rare and unique high school stations in the nation. Then we relaxed and enjoyed some snacks to commemorate our special day!

Have a great upcoming Summer break (We're already out)!


Alisha Alston
Digital Media Specialist
Columbus Career and College Academy
685 Academy Street
Fair Bluff, NC 28439

At 90.5 WKHS (Kent County High School), we celebrated High School Radio Day in a variety of ways... In the morning, we set up our remote gear so we could broadcast from different areas on our campus such as our Career Technology area and the cafeteria at lunch time (I had previously sent pics of these). We also scheduled four different HSRD phone interviews throughout the day including WBDG (Indianapolis), WKCS (Knoxville), KEOM (Mesquite) and of course WBFH toward the end of our broadcast day that afternoon. It was very interesting for all parties involved to learn how each of our respective programs operated.  All of the students did a really great job of communicating with each other about their "day in the life" experiences.

Throughout the day, we had in-studio live interviews with an assortment of community members including our school principal, Kent County Public Schools administrators and an assortment of local agencies such as Kent County Health Dept.

Our play list consisted of our usual variety of Pop, Rock and Country hits from today and yesterday with lots of chatter about the HSRD celebration during almost every talk break.

Thanks again for spearheading this event and we look forward to joining in next year. It would be great if we could coordinate collaborative projects leading up to and during the event.

Best regards!

Chris Singleton

Students made it apart of their marketing project. They had to come up with ways to gain the schools attention that fit the following qualifications:
1. Maximum attention
2. Low impact, effort
3. Something that hasn't already been done (not another flyer)
Students made a formal presentation to our activities director for approval. 

In the end:
Students ran announcements all week
Recorded radio spots for radio station
Ordered wristbands, stickers with our station information to hand out during lunches
Created a banner, hung in front of school and then in lunch room while broadcasting
Played music, announced info during lunches
Live broadcasted all day, discussed radio history
Promoted and pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

Jane Bannester
Ritenour High School 

This year's high school radio day fell on our Spring Break but we wanted to be involved so our students came in and did live radio shows all day long capped off with a special broadcast of our Metal show Rapid Fire from 6-8pm.  The students talked about high school radio facts and shared why being involved with 88.1 The Park has been important to them.  We look forward to participating next year.
Bill Keith

Our HSRD included every hour we did a CD prize pack giveaway of a huge selection of music from our friends at Mute Records who hooked us up for HSRD. Another aspect of our HSRD was we had every student in the school who purchased our brand new WCYT The Point 91fm t-shirt to  wear the shirt to school. Then we had our open house where we invited the public to come in and view our studios, we sold t-shirts along with some of our older CD's for a dollar each  and then we recorded anyone who was interested for future liners to be played on the air. Pictures here:  http://www.wcyt.org/high-school-radio-day-success/ 


The major event we had this year for HSRD was a student music performance during our lunch block. It was planned to be held outside under beautiful spring weather, but as is often the case in New England, the weather forced us inside. We had a few independent student artists come up and perform, the general idea behind the event being to promote and support student artists. Along with that, we were on the air all day broadcasting!
Thanks again for planning this, and we look forward to participating again next year!

Connor Melvin ‘15
Station Manager
WRLA, Radio Lawrence Academy

we had a very significnt highschool radio day. We scheduled to celebrate our 10th anniversary on the air that day with a celebration. We invited school board members, community leaders, business people and government leaders to an afternoon event with food and a presentation outlining what the vision and hopes are for the coming years as we want to expand our committment to the community.

everything went quite well and I feel we will get more involvement from the local communities.

take care
Jim Diederich
The Rockit
92.9/100.1 FM
South Caldwell High School
Hudson, NC

I really don't have any pictures or video to send. We did do pieces during each newscast on the importance of non-professional, community and school broadcasting. Unfortunately, we were not able to put together everything we would have liked this year.

Jered Petrey

We did a “Lunch & Learn” seminar with Steve Hawkins, News Director with Supertalk WFHG in Bristol, VA/TN.     It was open to the entire student body to come to the library during their lunch break (11am – 1pm) and hear from Steve on the  “Broadcasting Biz” and what jobs are available.    (see attached pics)
We did our normal student Radio Club air shifts that afternoon (3pm-6pm).
Then we had a live / in studio concert, featuring “The Rumors” , winner of “Indian Idol”…a school talent show.   (see attached pics!)
WCSK Radio

We didn't have a chance to do anything out of the ordinary this year due to scheduling conflicts with students.  We've also received a drop in our DJ staff because of our juniors and seniors taking APs.  We did have 4 shows out of our 9 periods that day and the DJs did give shout outs for it being high school radio day, but that was about it.  We're in the process of recruiting more members for next year, so we hopefully can make a bigger deal about it.
Thanks for checking in!
 Pete Nowak
 Audiovisual Assistant West Irondequoit CSD and 90.9FM WIRQ Faculty Advisor
 Rochester AudioVisual Association Scholarship Committee Chairman
 260 Cooper Road
 Rochester, NY 14617
 (585) 336-3066

Summer break? I don’t get a summer break, in fact it gets busier here! We hire 8-9 students to work for us over the summer, and we are out at music events weekly. We broadcast the Twin Cities Jazz Festival live, at the end of June. So…yeah, summer is very busy.
My original thought for HSRD was to simply broadcast live from North High school. Our studios are in North High, but we were going to broadcast live from the courtyard outside. It turned out to be too cold, so we broadcast live from 9-11AM in the Media Center. I had kind of a hard time getting the principal to help line up teachers to interview, but then it all came together at the last minute, and I even got the principal on the air! We did have one of our professional announcers help, but we had two of our star students conduct the interview, and the principal and teachers were very impressed. They did a great job!
That’s about all we did. I hope to do something a little bigger next year. We just hired a Program Director, and he was still observing at that point. I’m hoping next year he’ll be more involved.
Thanks for doing this, and keep up the good work!
Michele Jansen
General Manager
KBEM Jazz 88.5
 Here is WDSO's Recap for the 2014 High School Radio Day.  

WDSO’s Celebration of High School Radio Day                                                 April 23, 2014

-     Remote broadcast from the school cafeteria between 11am – 1pm with giveaways to local pizza eateries during each of the four lunch periods. (Students signed up at the WDSO broadcast table with winners announced over-the-air at the each of each lunch period.
-     Remote broadcast from The Port Drive-In restaurant from 3 – 5 pm (one of our students works there)  There were also giveaways from the restaurant during the broadcast and you had to be there to win. Prior to the broadcast, there was a picture in front of the business with the owners, two WDSO students and another Chesterton High School student who works at the business in the local newspapers either in the paper or their website. (See attachment for picture – L to R: Nick Moreno, WDSO Program Director; Marc Dolph, Port employee/CHS student; Lily Jablonski,    WDSO Music Director/Port employee and The Port Drive-InOwners)
-     12” x 18” Posters placed around the school in advance of the day

Michele Stipanovich
WDSO Operations Manager
WDSO-FM 88.3
Chesterton High School
2125 South 11th Street
Chesterton, IN  46304
(219)983-3777 or (219)983-3730 x7219

We did a couple of things.  We put together a production piece featuring some of our alumni, asking them what high school radio had meant for them.  They talked about how it had helped them choose their career (some went into broadcasting after graduation), how it had given them confidence and speaking skills that had helped them in college or professionally, and how it made high school a unique and different experience for them.  We also went around campus and compiled some clips from students and staff about what it meant to them to have a radio station on campus.  We got some great comments about how it helped with school pride and community perception, which are both things our school struggles with all the time.
Hope this helps! We are currently working to get our “terrestrial” station streaming online, so maybe by next year, you’ll be able to hear some of what we’re doing!

Sarah Wilson

Our students enjoyed this immensely!
KEOM students from all five high schools spent the day learning from professionals in the broadcast and communications industry. Presenters were Mark McCray from 97.9 the Beat and 94.5 KSoul (program director and on-air talent), Allan Peck, voice over artist (one of his clients is The Ellen Degrenes Show); and Emily Trube from KRLD and TSN (news formats).  Mesquite Mayor John Monoco issued a proclamation stating that the day was officially KEOM High School Radio Day.  Students did a video lip-dub to “Happy” by Pharrell.  We did a simulcast with WKHS, Worton, MD. We've synced our audio recording of our National High School Radio day Simulcast with a video of it so you and our students can enjoy the full picture. Here's the video: http://youtu.be/hKvyUWUGGcQ   
Peggy Brooks

We were able to "celebrate" by having the live on-air folks do 3 mentions an hour and thank listeners for helping us be on the air for over 30 years now.
We also aired the psa you sent us throughout the day.
We had some underwriting partners come in and our live on-air folks conducted short interviews with them and thanking them for supporting high school radio.
Those partners included a local insurance sponsor, a local shopper magazine sponsor and a rep from the local commercial radio group.  (they often hire students from our program).
We look forward to joining in next year.
Ben Johnson
Caveman Radio 89Nine

Thanks for the email, Pete. We aired PSAs about Radio Day as well as posted flyers around school talking about it. I had my broadcast students do the recordings. Unfortunately, I do not have photos to share.

Brian Holt

We tried to raise awareness of high school radio all day using our social media account as well as the airwaves.  We hope to expand what we do next year.  I will be stealing some ideas.

Best Regards,
Jon E. Easter
WBDG General Manager/Radio Broadcasting Teacher
Ben Davis High School Performing Arts Dept./Area 31 Career Center
Project Excel, Vincennes University

Mailing Address:
WBDG-90.9 FM
Ben Davis High School
1200 N. Girls School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46214

WBDG on the Web:
Twitter: @WBDG (#WBDG)

Phone Numbers:
Office: (317) 988-7122, Cell: (317) 201-0236, FAX: (317) 988-7311

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