The 4th Annual High School Radio Day is coming soon!  Let's get ready to rumble!

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Happy High School Radio Day to you!  Click here for video!
Lots of photos on Twitter (@HSRadioDay) and Facebook (search High School Radio Day).  Looks like participating stations got the attention of those at their schools!   

Welcome aboard AER (Van Nuys, CA), WMPH (Wilmington, DE...our first station from Delaware), WRAM (Clayton, NC), KPAI (Paisley, OR) and WXMR (Marengo, IL)!

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How many times have high school radio broadcasters heard this:  "Your high school has a radio station?" or "I didn't have a radio station in my high school" or "It's so cool that you have a radio station in your high school".  
Not everyone in your community knows you have a radio station in your school.  Heck, there's students in your school that don't know you have a radio station in your school.

So few high schools in the United States have radio stations that we need to make the public aware of our existence by designating one day as "High School Radio Day". The very first High School Radio Day launched on May 16, 2012.  

HSRD Recap on HSRD Activities Page. 

2014 FINAL TOTAL OF PARTICIPATING STATIONS: 64 stations from 28 states.
Complete list on Participating Schools page.
Listen to High School Radio Stations HERE
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