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Pete Bowers was the station manager at WBFH-FM in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, for 41 years from 1976 to 2017 when he retired. In his words: "There already was a national College Radio Day. I thought we should have a focus on high school radio and have a day of our own. I bounced that idea off the College Radio Day people and they were fine with it. So, I rounded up as many high school radio stations as I could from around the U.S. and we launched the first national High School Radio Day May 16, 2012 with 31 stations from 15 states participating. Our mission is to put the spotlight on high school radio stations and the service they provide their communities. This April, we’ll have our 9th Annual High School Radio Day with over 80 stations from over 30 states participating."

High School Radio Day was created to draw attention to high school radio stations around the United States! Details at  https://www.highschoolradioweek.com/ 

High school radio network


High School Radio Network

High School Radio Network was created by Ralph Martin, Manager of VCS Radio KVCB 100.9 FM, student-run radio from Vacaville Christian Schools. Become a member of HSRN...details at  https://hsradionetwork.com/home .